Christmas ideas

As you very well know, our transfer media are one of the best solutions for getting your customers in the festive mood. Try impressing your customers this year with our range of glitter products and find inspiration in our latest Laser-Dark (No-Cut) video.

Laser-Dark (No-Cut)

Be inspired & take advantage

Need some inspiration for your pre-christmas sale?

Download our free Christmas designs today. Print them using your CMYK/CMYW laser printer or sublimation printer and our no-cut transfer papers. Cutting and weeding is not required.

Download free designs now

Christmas time is glitter time

Would you like to offer your customers something very special for Christmas? Ignite a firework of glitter effects for the celebration of the year with the FOREVER transfer media.

For laser printers

Our hot stamping foils are perfect for the Christmas season because of the numberous glitter and metallic colors we have available. Christmas cards, textiles, cushions and much more can be easily decorated. Use the FOREVER Laser-Dark (No-Cut) transfer paper for CMYK or white toner laser printers.

Learn more about Laser-Dark (No-Cut)

For sublimation printers

Print Subli-Light (No-Cut) Glitter and Subli-Dark (No-Cut) Glitter on light or dark cotton. You only transfer the colours from the design and no background. See for yourself the incredible multi-colour glitter effects, intense colours and soft feel.

Learn more about Subli No-Cut products

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