Valentine’s Day gifts with FOREVER transfer media

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. For several years, February 14th has been a popular day to give your partner something special. Something from the heart. T-shirt, mugs and pillows have always been great gift ideas, especially when they are personalised. Give your valentine’s day gift an individual touch by printing a memorable photo or a personal message. We have various solutions to customize each of these Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Learn more about here.

Printing pillows

With B-Paper Lite

To rest your head comfortably on it – a pillow can be a really nice gift. It becomes even more special when you print it with a personal photo or message. We have the perfect solution for this – with our B-Paper Lite you can create designs quickly and inexpensively.

Learn more about B-Paper Lite

Printing socks

With Laser-Dark (No-Cut)

A gift from the heart & the sole – why not print socks yourself? With the right design or funny slogan, personalised socks are sure to put a smile on his or her face. This is made possible by our Laser-Dark (No-Cut) transfer paper. With a white toner printer, you can finish even dark fabrics in minutes.

Learn more about Laser-Dark (No-Cut)

Printing mugs

With Multi-Trans

Everyone has a favorite mug. It is always the first to be taken from the shelf at home and work. So why not give your favorite person a mug with a special image or message. Simply use our Multi-Trans paper, which guarantees first-class results on mugs and many other hard surfaces.


How to print mugs

Learn more about Multi-Trans

Printing T-shirts

With Subli (No-Cut) for cotton

We also have solutions for sublimation printers that are excellent for creating exclusive Valentine’s Day gifts. Our various transfer papers are suitable for both light and dark cotton materials. Choose your sublimation paper for the best valentine’s gift.

Subli (No-Cut)
Learn more about Subli (No-Cut) for cotton

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