With FOREVER to the perfect creepy costume

The scariest and spookiest night of the year is about to begin and so it’s time to think of a Halloween costume. To help with this, we have got some creepy designs to inspire you. With the FOREVER transfer solutions, you can print spookiest spiders, the most petrifying pumpkins and wicked witches on your T-shirts, masks or skin.

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Laser-Dark (No-Cut): Toner transfer on masks

The mask has become a faithful companion in our everyday lives, so why not take advantage of this piece of cloth for Halloween? Especially as the face offers so much room for creative ideas. By printing masks with Laser-Dark (No-Cut) you get brilliant colors while saving time – no cutting & no weeding.

Laser-Dark (No-Cut)

How to print masks

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Flex-Soft (No-Cut): Print black for a neon glow

How about a glowing Halloween costume? With the Flex-Soft (No-Cut) neon colors and a black light, you can do just that! The process is easy and the investment is low. Use a B&W or CMYK laser printer to print your black design. Print the finest details or complex designs – any design can be transferred without cutting and weeding.

Flex-Soft (No-Cut)
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Laser Tattoo Paper: Spooky skin decorations

With all the textiles printed, it’s time to get down to the details, from which you are sure to get the most attention. The FOREVER Laser Tattoo Paper is made for Halloween, to decorate the skin with different Halloween designs. This product is skin friendly and water resistant.

Laser Tattoo Paper

How to use Laser Tattoo Paper

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