Creating Mugs with FOREVER Multi-Trans

Do you have a white toner printer that you use for textile printing? Perfect. You have one of the best solutions to expand your business, by offering customers personalised mugs.

Our tried and tested Multi-Trans paper is especially suited for finishing hard and smooth surfaces like mugs. Learn how to print designs onto Mugs in our step-by-step tutorial video.

Learn all there is to know about printing on mugs, including all the Tips & Tricks required to speed up the learning process, prevent mistakes and get your new mugs into customers’ hands, as fast as possible.

Printing mugs: Step-by-step instructions

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Multi-Trans: More than just a paper for mugs

With Multi-Trans‘ simple 1-Paper solution, designs can be easily transferred to hard, smooth surfaces such as glass, wood or metal – without cutting and weeding.
In the past, Multi-Trans was limited to white or light colored materials, but with the introduction of the OKI White Toner laser printers, surfaces of any color can now be decorated.

Transfer paper for printing onto Hard surfaces such as Mugs, Glass, Wood and more
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Multi-Trans Metallic: Printing mugs with a B/W laser printer

Would you like to print mugs but haven’t got a White Toner printer? No problem. Our Multi-Trans Metallic paper is designed specifically for Black & White laser printers, completely without investing in expensive equipment.
Create Gold, Silver or Bronze metallic designs for mugs, glass and many other hard surfaces.

Multi-Trans Metallic

Print mugs in black, white, red, green or any other color imaginable – You are not limited to printing just black mugs. All without cutting and weeding 🙂

Multi-Trans Metallic
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