Laser Tattoo Paper – Unlimited Possibilities

A tattoo is forever? With the innovative Laser Tattoo Paper from FOREVER we offer a versatile, removable and creative alternative to permanent skin decoration. Expand your portfolio and present your customers with a product that offers unlimited possibilities.

Children’s birthday parties will become a phantasy land tattoo party. Sports organizers save themselves the hassle of apply numbers on jerseys. Event planners are able to impress their guests with original tattoos that match the party theme, instead of printing an ordinary stamp on their skin.

Laser Tattoo Paper: Brand new, certified and with unlimited possibilities.

Everything is possible with Laser Tattoo Paper

Numbers, Family Portraits, Movie Heroes, all sorts of Shapes, Signs and Patterns: Each theme and each person can be represented with Laser Tattoo Paper. Customers are free to determine Size, Color and Designs without limitations.

Large tattoos comprising of multiple pieces are just as possible as the subtle placement on small parts of the body.

A transfer press is not required. The application process is very easy and the brilliant results will be impressive.

Offer a quality product to your customers that fits every occasion.

Upgrade your product range with FOREVER Tattoo Paper today.

Product Features:

• Skin-Friendly

• Water Resistant (lasts several days)

• High Resolution Quality

• Easy and Fast Application

• Suitable for Standard Laser and LED Printers. More advantages available with a White Toner Printer.

• Finest Details

• Easy to Cut with Scissors or Plotters/Cutters

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